On September 22, 2018, The World Hug Foundation hosted a fun and educational day of Korean Cultures for Korean Community at Hyo Shin Bible Presbyterian Church of NY in Flushing, NY.

There were many fun activities for kids, folk play and games (Korean games: Jegichagi, top-spinning, arrow throwing, bean bag throwing), a Hanbok experience, and many more.

Also, TaeKwonDo demonstration by Eagles TaeKwonDo Demo Team and Jang-Gu performance by Rami Seo and her student Claire Shin.

{:en}World Hug Foundation hosts its first COVID-19 Food Drive{:}{:ko}월드허그파운데이션 COVID-19 식품 나눔행사{:}
{:en}Come join us our very first Korean Cultural Festival{:}{:ko}한국전통문화축제에 놀러 오세요!{:}