On October 7, 2020, World Hug Foundation hosts its first COVID-19 Food Drive at Moakyang Presbyterian Church located in White Stone, NY. This food drive is started as an effort to support the korean community that were financially impacted by COVID-19. On behalf of World Hug Foundation, I was grateful and blessed to be a help and brought a glimpse of hope to the impacted families through our food drive. We will work harder to support our community.
{:en}World Hug Foundation COVID-19 Food Drive is now a weekly event{:}{:ko}월드허그파운데이션 COVID-19 식품 나눔행사 - "매주 나눔행사로"{:}
{:en}WHF Korean Cultural Festival{:}{:ko}월드허그파운데이션 한국전통문화축제{:}