On January 10, 2018, John Shin, Executive Director attends the congressional briefing for the Adoptee Citizenship Act in Capital Hill, Washington D.C. 
Congressional Briefing includes special guests Former Congressman Bill Delahunt, Adoption expert Adam Pertman, the Ministry of Health and Welfare ROK and Korean Adoption Services ROK, Joy Alessi of ARC. 

WHF joins with Joy Alessi, co-director, ARC and other ARC members and visits 7 congressional members to promote ACA reintroduction. 

{:en}WHF becomes the official sponsor of Adoptee Rights Campaign{:}{:ko}입양인 권리 찾기 캠페인(ARC)’의 공식 후원 단체로 선정{:}
{:en}WHF visits Consulate General of the ROK in New York.{:}{:ko}주뉴욕 대한민국 총영사관 방문{:}
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