On November 4, 2017, World Hug Foundation attends “Adopted Friends Fall 2017” at Yale University.
“Adopted Friends” is a program for young Korean adoptees and their adoptive parents to experience Korean food, games, activities with Korean American Students at Yale.

John Shin, Executive director was honored to deliver an opening speech for the event. 
He said, “for me to speak to adoptive parents were very challenging.. as I am not an adoptee or adoptive parents… basically. I thank them for give these adoptees to explore and connect to their roots by coming to this cultural event. Find few poems and just thank them.” 

{:en}WHF files U.S. citizenship application for Adoptee without Citizenship{:}{:ko}입양인 시민권 신청{:}
{:en}WHF attends 2017 IKAA Annual Convention{:}{:ko}2017 세계한인입양인협회(IKAA) 연례회의 참석{:}


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