Who is teaching the camp?

Teachers teaching the ‘Academic’ portion of the camp majored in childhood/Special Education in their college careers and/or had an abundant amount of experience teaching students privately.

Does Summer Camp have a physical location?

No, Summer Camp is offering all virtual online classes. Student will be attending classes through Zoom.

What does ‘Academics’ mean in the schedule?

We utilized the term ‘Academics’ as an umbrella term for various school subjects. We aspire to review concepts in Mathematics, English, Science, and Social Studies that the students learned during this ‘pandemic year’ and give students a head start on the curriculum that they will be learning in the following school year. In order for students to retain what they have learned and build a strong foundation of information, the review will be consistently incorporated into the curriculum that is taught.

What does a day at this camp look like?

Academics (First Period)

Students will join their grade-level academic teacher’s Zoom room for the first period of the camp. Students will learn various academic subjects like Mathematics, English, Social Studies, and Science.

Music, Arts, and Craft (Second Period)

students will join the Director’s Zoom room for the activities portion of camp. Students will have the opportunity to partake in different activities every day. We offer activities: science experiments, learning to play the ukulele and recorder, arts & crafts, Taekwondo, and cooking!

Language (Third Period)

Students will stay in the Director’s Zoom for the language portion of our camp. Students will learn 3 very different languages: American Sign Language, Spanish, and Chinese over the course of 6 weeks. Two weeks are dedicated to each language so that our students will have ample opportunity to practice and gain familiarity.

Are the classes taught in Korean or English?

All classes are taught in English other than the language classes offered.
We are offering three language classes in the summer camp.
Students will have opportunities to learn various languages.
7/5-7/16 American Sign Language
7/19-7/30 Spanish
8/2-8/13 Chinese

Are you offering different levels for the languages offered?

No, we are only offering basic level for the languages offered.

Why is the registration fee so low for 6 weeks?

We believe that many people suffered greatly through COVID-19, even the students. This unprecedented circumstance has suddenly brought their learning to a virtual platform overnight. Although some students have adjusted and reaped the benefits of virtual learning, some have not adjusted as well. We want to offer the highest quality of instruction at a rate of $5 per hour for a total of 120 hours (6 weeks).

What is included in the tuition fee and what is not?

In the tuition fee:

  • A program of three engaging periods daily (5 days) for 6 weeks.
    • Grade level academics
    • Numerous activities
    • Language class
  • A summer camp kit/bag:
    • Study materials
    • All materials for Arts and Craft
    • Some materials for Science Experiments
  • A chance to connect to develop deep connections to 1.5-2 generation ‘big brother/big sister’

Isn’t included in tuition:

  • Instruments are not included in the tuition fee.
    • You may purchase your own recorder and/or ukelele.
    • Or you will have a chance to purchase these instruments for $40. (We will buy and ship the instruments)
  • Some science experiment materials may include the usage of items that we were not able to ship.
  • Since ingredients for baking/cooking are perishable, some/many of the ingredients need to be bought.

Are there any discounts offered?

Yes, we are offering sibling discounts. Any siblings registered will be receiving $100 discounts.
When you register, please enter discount code “sibling” in the Google Form.

1st child $600
2nd child $500
3rd child $500

Summer Camp with HanJi Academy