On September 16, 2017, WHF held another petition signing day during Flushing Street Fair in Flushing, New York.

Our WHF Ambassador, Rami Seo performed Korean tradition instrument, gayageum (가야금) at the Flushing Street Fair.

After the performance, she stopped by to our petition signing tooth and introduced us with great people.

{:en}WHF attends 2017 IKAA Annual Convention{:}{:ko}2017 세계한인입양인협회(IKAA) 연례회의 참석{:}
{:en}World Hug Foundation held petition signing day. Great outcome!{:}{:ko}뉴욕 후러싱 소재 한인 마트에서 시민권 부여를 위한 탄원서 서명 운동.{:}
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