The World Hug Foundation is dreaming of a new beginning where everyone is treated equally and is protected. With you, we can make this dream a reality. We can make this change together. We are waiting for your support.

Our Mission

The World Hug Foundation, founded on the principle that every person deserves to be protected and treated equally, aims to promote awareness and be an advocate for not only adoptees, but the adoption issue at large.

Who We Are

Chang Y. Han, President

As a president of World Hug Foundation, Chang Y. Han has built a strong team to strategize, lead and accomplish our goals. Mr. Han brings nearly 35 years of experience as a certified public accountant, a member of the board for various organizations, notably including his role as the president of Korean American Association of greater New York from 2011-2013.

Since April 2017, Mr. Han continues to foster strong leadership and oversight within the World Hug Foundation.  He holds a Ph.D from Henderson Christian University and Master’s Degree from Long Island University.

John Shin, Executive Director

As Executive Director, John Shin, is responsible for overseeing the WHF’s operations and strategic plan. Mr. Shin joined WHF in June 2017, bringing with him a strong background in management, operations, and innovation.

He served as an infantry platoon sergeant in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years. After an honorable discharge, he earned a B.A. in Economics & Accounting from Queens College. He has spent 12 years in various positions with Deloitte, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Citigroup. He currently serves as a Vice President at Morgan Stanley for Legal and Compliance.

Our History

2.1.2018 Becomes an official sponsor of Adoptee Rights Campaign.
1.10.2018 Attends Congressional Brief for Adoptee Citizenship Act in Capital Hill, Washington D.C. and makes visits to 7 congress members to promote Adoptee Citizenship Act reintroduction.
12.19.2017 Visit to Consulate General of the Republic of Korea. Met and discussed the current adoptee rights issues and our work with Deputy Director-General Yunju Ko and Consul Wonsik Shin.
11.7.2017 Filed a N-400 U.S. Citizenship application for selected adoptee without citizenship.
11.4.2017 Visit to “Adopted Friends Fall 2017” at Yale University, Conn. and delivers an opening speech.
10.20.2017 Attend 2017 IKAA Annual Convention in SF.
9.16.2017 Sponsored Vance Twins Publishing to distribute books to bring awareness of adoptee mistreatments.
9.16.2017 Petition Signing day at Flushing Street Fair in Flushing, NY.
9.15.2017 Visit to Korean America Society of Virginia and holds joint news conference.
9.9.2017 Petition Signing day at two Korean supermarkets in Flushing, NY.
9.6.2017 News conference to promote Adoptee Citizenship Act and Petition signing day.
6.23.2017 Visit to the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Washington D.C. Met and discussed the issues of the Korean-American Adoptee with a minister Min-Soo Park.
5.7.2017 World Hug Foundation launch fund-raising dinner.
4.29.2017 Korean-American Adoptee meeting at Maryland and seeking future solidarity plan.
4.17.2017 Press conferences and appointment of officers, including Chairwoman Myoung Soon Kil and President Chang Yeon Han.
2.15.2017 WHF Nonprofit Organization Application / WHF Website Production
1.19.2017 Third Promoters’ Meeting. Board of Directors named the organization as World Help Foundation (WHF) and then planned for the establishment of the association. Founding of Constitution.
12.5.2016 Second Promoters’ Meeting to promote the name and business direction of non-profit organization (Promotion of Korean adoptee rights / Support for theird world women’s sanitary napkins)
11.11.2016 First Promoters’ Meeting for the public service and non-profit organization (4 committee members formed)